The Beauty Routine

Beauty Beyond Skin

Specializing in eyebrow shaping, speed waxing, and results, The Beauty Routine is all about YOU beyond skin. Helping your confidence and loving your skin and waxing routines that are fast, flexible, and easy so that taking care of YOU can feel amazing.

Professional Waxing & Skin Care Services

All Summer Long

Brazilian, Underarm, & Half Leg Wax


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Brazilian $45

30 Minute Focused Facials $60

+10% off ALL services

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You Pick 30 Minute Focused Facial $60

You save $10 and get Free Samples!

Facial Includes Aromatherapy Scalp & Shoulder Massage

Pick Your Exfoliation


Versatile enzyme therapy dramatically enhances the benefits of deep cleansing facials, anti-acne treatments and nurturing spa facials. It refines skin texture by dissolving dead skin cells and clogged pores.

Lactic Green Tea Exfoliant

The “go-to” solution for dull, unevenly pigmented skin, here is an exfoliant that efficiently smoothes and brightens skin without causing dryness or dehydration. Green tea and willow bark extract enable the skin to enjoy all of the exfoliating benefits of the AHA lactic acid but without irritation.

Pick Your Mask Treatment

Firm & Lift Treatment

Benefits: Anti-aging, Sun Damage Repair, Tones

Here is the perfect “special event” treatment for the client who wants to enhance luminosity and she wants it done now. Deeply penetrating, this mask immediately tightens and tones, increases microcirculation and leaves the skin feeling totally renewed.

Organic Eminence Warming Mask

Benefits: Hormonal Acne, Brightening, Anti-aging

Drastically improves hydration and elasticity which in turn reduces the signs of aging. The masque goes deep stimulating cell renewal and improves tightness and firmness by stimulating collagen production. Circulation is increased as well and the pores are detoxified for fresher, more youthful looking skin. Acne-prone skin benefits from the normalization of oil production and the balancing the skin's hormones; existing blemishes are cleared and the reduction of excess oil helps reduce future breakouts. Immediate skin stimulation results in a rosy glow.

Organic Eminence Menthol Rosehip Treatment

Benefits: Sensitive Skin, Deeply Hydrates, Clears Complexion

Hydrate and improve the appearance of your skin with the Menthol Rosehip Treatment – an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin C. Honey moisturizes and nourishes the skin while menthol leaves a refreshing cooling sensation. Skin appears rapidly cooled and softened, while sensitive areas appear calm and the look of redness is reduced.

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