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Specializing in eyebrow shaping, speed waxing, and results, The Beauty Routine is all about YOU beyond skin. Helping your confidence and loving your skin and waxing routines that are fast, flexible, and easy so that taking care of YOU can feel amazing.




What kind of wax do you use?

At The Beauty Routine, I only use the most gentle hard wax I could find. I've used many different brands and different types of waxes with my clients and on myself personally, to see which was most comfortable, efficient, and effective for safe and easy hair removal. With hard wax, there's no need for the paper strips used for soft wax. The strip is applied, where it only adheres to the hair and not the skin, and dries by itself within seconds for quick removal for an overall easier waxing experience. 

I'm nervous, will it hurt a lot?

With my years of experience and technique, I promise to give you a quick and easy appointment. You can have the best wax in the world, but if that gentle technique and skill isn't there, then it'll hurt unnecessarily and regardlessly. My clients always tell me it wasn't nearly as bad as they had made it out in their head and that they were happy to get it done. The second wax and there after, is where its a complete breeze because the hair will be 50% less after that very first wax. I'll also educate you during the appointment and the best way to care for your skin at home so you can have the best results possible.

My hair is really coarse, will it still work for me?

Of course! Again, it's all about the technique. I wax all ethnicities, skin, and hair types and know how each typically react, and what to expect result-wise. 

How long is my hair supposed to be?

A minimum of 1/4 inch, or the length of a grain of rice. Which for most areas is about 3 weeks of growth, underarms can be waxed with 2-2.5 weeks of growth. 

Should I do anything before my appointment?

I always recommend to gently exfoliate with scrub gloves if you have any ( I prefer the gloves over lufas, because you can wash them weekly to sanitize them). Exfoliating helps loosen up the dead skin and debri that clogs follicles that can make the hair harder to remove.  On top of that if you have a lightweight moisturizer, use that in the area you're getting waxed. When you moisturize, you condition the skin and hair, preparing it for easy hair removal. If the skin is dry, the hair has a very high chance of breaking that could lead to ingrown hairs and poor results. Starting that routine as early as you can is beneficial, do those steps the day of your appointment as well. Just remember to be gentle when you exfoliate. 

How long does it last?

The hair will be ready to be waxed again at 4 weeks. In the summer time, most people can go every 3 weeks. After having a regular wax routine you can go 2 weeks without seeing any hair!

What should I expect when getting a brazilian wax?

Expect it to go quickly! Ultimately it takes me about 5 minutes, if that,  to get the bulk of the hair removed. I work quickly in sections, starting from the bikini line and work towards the middle. I give you the option for me to count 1,2,3 then remove or just go. All the while i'll be talking to you to get to know you and advise you on how to get the best results. After the strip is removed I quickly apply pressure to the area, which helps tremendously. When the bulk of the hair is removed I make sure to apply clean up strips to get the area completely clean. Clean up strips is where it's at, super easy, the hard part is pretty much done. 

Whenever I get my eyebrows done, they always make them thin.

I see it pretty often, a client will come in and tell me their past experience where the person just went at their brows, and after, they had none left. Or they even told them to keep them thick, and yet still left with thin brows. When it comes to eyebrows, i'm very conservative. It can take up to two years for someone's eyebrows to grow back, so I take designing eyebrows very seriously. Eyebrows shape the face and can completely change your look, so before we start, I ask you all kinds of in depth questions about what YOU want so we're on the same page. Then I have you hold a mirror and we go over your brows together, i'll show you exactly what i'll do and explain how your brows should be shaped to your unique facial features. 

If I wax either my face or anywhere else, how will it grow back?

This is the best part, when it comes to waxing anywhere on the body, your hair will alway be 50% less if you maintain a Beauty Routine. Thinner, softer, lighter hair, what's not to love! After a while many have reported the hair never growing back in certain areas. When it comes to the face, if you keep a Routine, the hair will continue to be 50% less, softer, and lighter. If you decide to stop waxing your face, the hair will grow back as if you've never waxed before. Your hair will not get darker or thicker, that is simply a myth. Waxing is meant to be a convenience and to make your life easier, not harder. 

Will I break out after I get waxed?

If its your very first time, it is a possibility that your follicles can get a little inflamed and create small breakouts. It's important to wax two months prior before any event to get your skin used to waxing. The  more you wax the less you actually break out, if you're prone to it, your skin just needs to get acclimated. Proper home care also prevents breakouts, which is highly recommended. 


It's my very first facial. Which service should I choose?

I recommend the 1 hour facial, that way I can spend more time getting to know your skin to find the best routine for you. I customize all of your facials for you, so if it's your first time, I'll start your skin off with a gentle and nourishing treatment so you can leave feeling rejuvenated, clean, and super soft. If you have an event coming up, I recommend to get a facial 1 month prior to see how your skin handles the treatment, just to be safe. 

What's the point of the 30 min Focused Facial? Is it long enough?

I believe everyone should be able to make facials a regular part of their health maintenance. Skin is one of the first impressions people see, it can make us feel happy and healthy, but it can also have us suffer inside terribly if you have acne, scars, sun damage, ect. Facials shouldn't be just a luxury in my book! Which is why I love the 30 minute Focused Facial. After a thorough consultation and skin analysis, we'll get straight to the point and start working towards those goals. It's pure treatment and results, with a little massage thrown in there during mask times. With a lower time and price point, its possible for anyone to make skin health a part of their Beauty Routine. 

Last time I got a facial, I broke out badly from my last place. 

It's hard for me to say why you broke out from your last facial, a lot could've happened. Whether you have the most sensitive or problematic skin, with my skin care line, Control Corrective, I've been able to help people of all skin types and ethnicities see results that they love. When it comes to facials, I'll start you off with a gentle protocol, so I can better understand your skin  and what needs to be done to achieve the results you want.  Starting the skin off slowly with gentle ingredients and then gradually building up tolerance is the safest way to achieve healthier skin.

I suffer from acne, will a facial help?

Yes! 1,000 times yes. The three reasons we get acne are excess dead skin, oil, and bacteria. A facial will include professional products and treatments to remove that stubborn acne causing dead skin and oil. As well as gently clean, balance, and calm to start a path towards skin you can love.

My teenager is starting to break out and picks at their skin. I'm not sure what to do!

During this time in life, hormones are unbalanced causing breakouts. Poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, and other environmental factors can be big triggers for breakouts. Lifestyle changes along with routine facials can make a significant improvement. Before you consider antibiotics or prescriptions acne drugs, that can further damage and dry out the skin, be sure to come in for a free consultation here at The Beauty Routine, I specialize in acne!

My skin is changing as I get older, it's dry, sensitive, and i'm breaking out! Plus, what's up with these wrinkles? Help!

As we age our skin slows down, it stops reproducing fresh skin cells as quickly as when we were younger. So now, the dead skin sits on top, dead skin that's DNA has been damaged by the sun, alcohol, tobacco, environment, ect! Routine facials helps safely speed up the reproduction of skin cells by professionally exfoliating and stimiluationing the the skin. I cant promise you miracles after your first facial, but I can guarantee results with a consistent Beauty Routine. I highly recommend the Focused Facial Beauty Routine Package to see amazing results within a month!

I have ethnic skin and I scar and get dark spots very easily. I'm worried about getting another facial, because the last one left me with keloids and dark spots. Can I still get facials?

Experienced estheticians know the ins and outs of ethnic skin types and understand that they react very easily. You'll receive facials with the most gentle but effective treatments, gentle extractions that won't be forced out of the skin and proper skin preparation. Bonus though, darker skin is less likely to age prematurely! 

I would love a peel or something to really help me get results and to just wake up my skin. What do you recommend?

I have many treatments and an amazing oxygen treatment add on that works just for that, if you're interested in adding on special treatments, be sure to let me know before the service! when it comes to chemical peels, it's important to work your skin up to more aggressive treatments to avoid damaging the skin. Luckily, I have all the professional tools to offer just that. Be sure to let me know your goals and we'll start them on day 1!

I'm pregnant, can I get a facial?

Absolutely. I provide a safe environment for pregnant and nursing mamas. Beds are propped and bolstered for your comfort and safety. Gentle products to rejuvenate and freshen at all times to ensure safety for all of my clients. 


If you have any questions that have not been answered, please don't hesitate to ask at or call/text me at 661.714.7218